It is already haftway threw the year! Yes 2018 is already haftway over. That is so crazy to think about cause it seemed like I was just getting ready to go out for new years a month ago. This year is going by way to fast for me. I have a huge list…a unwritten bucket list just floating around in my mind. Thought I would have a better chance of completing my list. Maybe a fighting chance if I can see it all laid out…

Like every year…an ongoing battle… (I am sure it is for everyone) is to lose weight. I can never win with this one. When I give up and say I am just going to be happy the way I am and eat what I want and not exersice I get so depressed. I feel lile I failed again at being the best that I can be. My best self. Whenever I try to eat healthy and say…I say I will go to the gym and work out I get so tiered of eating right. I get so discouraged when I don’t see resolts and I am trying so hard. It is a lose lose situation.

Next big thing on my list is budget and get out of det. Another one that everyone stuggles with…if you don’t more power to you. This is also a lose lose. I feel so happy when I get new things…when I complete the collection of what I am buying. This wouldn’t be so bad if I was not so hard on myself in getting/collecting everything at once. Rather thats anime, manga, clothes, tv shows, and ect. List goes on and on. If I could be happy with what I have/get. I did set up a budget plan that I am hoping that works. Will write my ideas down in a seperate blog.

Next on my list is keeping up with…how would you put it…orginization. I am aware that I am a lot more orginized than most people around me. With that said I am not even close to being as orginized or as clean as I expect myself to be. I have been on top of my game on this one before. The key was to stay on a rutien. Ten min clean ups when I wake up and before I go to bed really helps me. Drop everything you are doimg and clean for just ten mins. You will be amazed at how much you can get finished in that time. Than I only had to deep clean once a week. That didn’t take long either since everything was mistly away in its place. Hard parts are take out trash. I would put it by the door once it was full and no matter what cared it out with me on my way to work. Keeping up with laundry. Such a long process. After you are finished washing you have to hang fold it all up and put it away. The worse thing to keep up with is your my car. Maybe I just don’t like caring anything in. Learned everytime I stop for gas take out trash.

Guess this blog has became a list of my struggles that I want to change. It seems that my list is the normal things people struggle with. Maybe some people might have a harder time than me at one of these and some I may struggle with more. In writing this all out has helped me realize that I can be to hard on myself sometimes.


Top Five Manga To Read If Your Getting Into Manga

Wouldn’t say this is my biggest hobby but it is definitely my biggest hobby at the momment and my most expensive one at that. It started in high school for me and kinda died off for awhile afterwards(try three years) Do to making new friends that wanted to go out all the time. Also I had of course many many more bills so my hobby for manga was pushed back. In the last two years I’ve gotten back into it with going over the top. Now I’m trying to go back and enjoy all the tittles I bought and take it slow and enjoy my collection. My recommendation to you is to just get the first volume or two of the series read that first and see if you enjoy it than get more.

So so so many tittles of Manga out now that it can get overwhelming. It really just comes down to what are you into right now? What movies, tv, books, or activities do you like doing. It also depends on your age as well. I’ve tried to only suggest tittles that are easier to find but I will also have other suggestions if you can find them as well.

My number one recommendation to start out with would be Fruits Basket by Natsuki Takaya. First look and you would think this is only for girl’s but it has so much more to offer. It has comedy, fighting, supernatual, zodiac, and who is saying girlie stuff is bad? Best way to buy is the new released Omnibuses.

Second would have to be Death Note by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata. Yes a lot more darker tittle but I believe it gives you a more deeper understanding of how mind twisting manga can be. Honestly got into this resently and regret not reading it sooner. After the manga I watched the anime and now on to the light novels… You will learn what those are soon if you are just begining. Don’t want you to get overwhelmed like I did getting into it. Best way to buy it is they have a complete boxset with all the volumes for around $100.00. They also released Omnibus Black Editions. I would say read the first volume online(legally only) or from the library first to see if you like it than get the box set for it.

Third would have to be a group called CLAMP. Pretty much anything by them is amazing…in my opinion. Just to let you know a lot of people just think Clamp is ok. So like I said before go get the first volume of a series. For these next series Dark Hourse is your best bet to buy them. If you like fantasy I would go with Magic Knight Rayeath. For more action, end of the world go with X (X/1999). Cardcator Sakura and Chobits are also great starting points by Clamp as well. They just have so many good tittles so you will have to check them out.

Fouth and my fifth are both going to be mostly because I grow up on them. Yu Gi Oh! By Kazuki Takahashi and Sailor Moon by Naoko Takeuchi. Loved waking up early on Saturday mornings and watching these. Brings back so many good memories. Of course I had to go out and try the manga as soon as I knew they had them.

My collecting of manga has grown into me doing challenges online. Be sure to check out #mangahoarder #shelfspacefleeting on You Tube for videos and challenges.